"It is always a long road to somewhere special"

...the words of a client when he came out to Taita and saw the spectacular view.


Located just 11km from the world-famous Victoria Falls and perched on the edge of the Batoka Gorge, 230m above the mighty Zambezi River, the exclusive Taita Falcon Lodge provides a unique location and offers a stunning bush experience, close enough to the Victoria Falls and all activities but also remote enough to experience Africa in all it's glory.Owner managed, the lodge's focus is on providing personalized service to each individual client.

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our Rooms are natural and comfortable

Seven delightful en-suite chalets, constructed using naturally occurring materials from the surrounding area, give a taste of authenticity without compromising on comfort. Great care and attention has gone into the chalet design and furnishings. To compliment the spacious bedroom and living area, each room has a large en-suite bathroom providing guests with all the amenities for an enjoyable stay as well as it's own secluded sun garden, complete with outdoor shower, for the "close to nature" moments.

Stunning Views

The view from our deck is absolutely spectacular

Breathtaking; Awesome; Delightful; Wondrous......our visitors book is brimming with superlatives where our guests have tried their best to describe the stunning views down on the Zambezi River from Taita Falcon Lodge. Neither words nor pictures seem able to do it justice. You are simply going to have to experience it for yourself!

Do as you please...

Activities or Rest & Relaxation

At Taita Falcon Lodge, you set your own pace. You can be as active or as relaxed as you choose. In our sumptuous surroundings, it's simple to take things easy, but we can also fill the days for the most active of guests.

Feel free to just relax around the pool reading a book or enjoying a refreshing drink overlooking the stunning gorge.



TEL: (+260) 213 321850 | OFFICE HOURS: FROM 8:00 AM TO 5:00 AM

Faces of the Mighty Victoria Falls
  • Nov. - Mar.

    November to March is rainy season in Livingstone and the weather is moderate to hot. Be sure to bring an umbrella and your sunscreen. Over this period the Zambezi will slowly start coming up from about January and the Victoria Falls will start filling up. This period is called our "Green Season" and is always a beautifull time to visit Taita. Special rates offered during this time. Please enquire for further details.

  • Apr.-Aug.

    The Victoria Falls are at its fullest this time of year. A spectacular view of the falls from the Air is the best way to experience this natural wonder. This is also the only time of year that the Lunar Rainbow can be viewed at its best. Lunar is a moon rainbow seen at night. The spectacle lasts from sunset to sunrise and is one of Africa's most distinctive and striking secrets.

  • Sept. - Dec.

    The flow of the Zambezi lessens and water levels drop. Expect to see the magnificent gorge and rock formations that hosts the Victoria Falls and see how high it really is. This allows dare devils to swim to the very edge of Victoria Falls in a naturally formed pool (the Devil's "infinty" Pool) and look down into the chasm below. The pool is made by a rock wall that halts the current enough for a swim. Mid September to about beginning of November (when the rains should start) it can become very hot, cooling down once the rains start.

Flights from Livingstone

Daily flights from Livingstone to Nelspruit.

9.3 Rated by guests


The lodge is approximately 45 minutes drive from Livingstone and is well signposted from the main Livingstone / Victoria Falls road. The turnoff to the Lodge is 9km from Livingstone and about 1 km before the Victoria Falls border. From the turnoff the road is well signposted – over the railway line and right again at the big Baobab Tree (Lookout Tree). Access by road requires a high clearance vehicle as the last 11km of the road is a dirt road and is a slow drive through the bush.
Accessing the area is straightforward. You can fly directly into Livingstone Airport from Johannesburg, Lusaka, and other regional centers.

Alternatively, scheduled and charter airlines fly into Victoria Falls Airport (over the border in Zimbabwe) so note that additional transfer charges apply and you'll need Zimbabwean visas for most nationalities.