Activities available in and around Livingstone.

The most diverse activities' list you will find anywhere, right on your doorstep.

Taita Falcon Lodge can arrange any activity in the area as we are close enough for you to experience and enjoy the activities.

Our Activities price list show all the activities offered in and around Livingstone.

Or of course, you can simply relax, with your feet up beside our pool, on the viewing deck or in your own private sun garden. You decide.

Helicopter Flights

The flight of Angels is the most spectacular way to view the Mightly Victoria Falls from above.

Sunset River Cruise

Enjoy a relaxing river cruise and watch the sun set over the African horizon. A must for all visitors.

Game Drive

Get up close and personal with the wild by joining a game drive experience in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.

Tour of the Victoria Falls

Enjoy a guided tour of the falls and learn the history and future of the magnificent water curtain.

Elephant Interaction

Get the oportunity to inteact with these friendly loving giants. You will learn all the special traits of the elephant and get to feed them by hand.

Chobe Day Trip

Take a day trip to the Chobe National Park in Botswana to experience the game park in its full glory. Remember your passports :)

Tiger Fishing

There is no better place to try your hand at Tiger fishing than on the Zambezi River. Angle Zambia will take you on a tour to fulfill your dream.

Livingstone Island & Devil's Pool

A Magnificent experience feeling the rush of the mass of water while swimmimg in Devil's pool whereafter you can enjoy a picnic overlooking this wonder.

Micolight Flight

Be adventurous and feel the spray of the Mosi-oa-Tunya falls while flying over in a microlight. A truely breathtaking experience!

Interesting Facts about The Victoria Falls


The Victoria Falls (located approximately 17.925'S 25.855'E) are 1,708 meters wide, and when the river is in full flood is discribed as the largest curtain of falling water in the world. Substantially larger than North America's Niagra Falls, the Victoria Falls are only rivalled by the Iguaza Falls in South America, which are 2700m wide and 80m high, but are however divided into over 270 separate 'smaller' falls and cataracts. At 10.8 km wide, the Khone Falls in Laos are the world's widest, but this is broken by many islands. The highest are Angel Falls (locally known as Churun-Meru) in Venezuela.


Islands along the crestline of the Falls, the largest being Cataract (or Boaruka) and Livingstone Islands, divide the curtain of water into sub-sections. At the most western end, the Devil's Cataract or Leaping Water (only 35 metres wide) is the lowest point of the river, then the Main Falls (approximately 460m wide), where the main flow of the river falls even during low water, and finally Horseshoe (about 530m wide), then Rainbow and Eastern Falls form the remaining and longest sections, often dry of water during low season


The huge seasonal, and annual, variation in the rainfall of the region (most falling in the months from November to March), greatly affects the volume of water flowing over the Victoria Falls. There is also an appreciable delay in rainwater reaching the Falls as it works its way through the rivers vast upper catchments and upper reaches.


Just below the Falls, the gorge forms an abyss between the countries with edges that drop away from the cliffs of both Zambia and Zimbabwe. Each successive sandstone gorge is numbered in sequence starting from the youngest (First Gorge to the Fifth Gorge), followed by Songwe Gorge and finally the official Batoka Gorge; it is common for all these gorges to be referred to collectively as The Gorge or Batoka Gorge. Batoka Gorge is more than 120 km (75 miles) long with vertical walls that are an average of 400 feet high (the Zambezi river water levels fluctuates up to 65 feet between the wet and dry season).

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